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 Here you can find links for gallery, random video, automotive blog, DIY install, and links to other cool sites.

All videos, images, and DIY install belong to their rightful and respecful owners, we are not affiliated with any of them.

Please only use the DIY info found in the links below for reference only, professional installation is ALWAYS recommended

We do not condone Street Racing, it is illegal and dangerous. Please keep it at the track.

Automotive Culture Blog / Webstores

http://stateofstance.com/ - State of Stance

http://v2lab.com - Team V2 Lab

http://www.wtfstickers.com/ - Decals / Stickers

http://www.theledstation.com/ - LED Interior Lights

http://collectiondx.com/ - Japan Anime / Toys

http://www.speedhunters.com/ - Automotive Blog



http://www.jdmtube.com - South Florida Drag Racing Videos

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YwGlVBnbWL0 - Cheese Frog's infamous Civic vs Viper Video. (OG)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMZrDejIpsM - Comptech S2000 vs Topsetup EG6

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hps4VHu8NII&feature=related - XS WRX vs Topsetup EG6

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WaWoo82zNUA - Ariel Atom - Sick K20A powered tube frame chassis


K Swap Related Links


K Series EK Swap Part List - A very expensive list!!

K Swap into 98 Civic EX - Very detailed K Swap into 98 Civic EX (guy provide a lot of pics)

K Series Transmission Specs - Gear Ratio Chart

DIY: a 05+ VSS/Transmission with an 02-04 Harness - 05+ K Swap VSS Info

How to use an 06 Si trans with your 02-04 engine

HASPORT EKK2 info - Must read if you are using the HAsport EKK2 Mount Kit for your EK K Swap


DIY Links

General Interior DIY Stuff - EG EK DC

DIY Window trim & Wiper blades (restore to black) - Fix your window trim!!

DIY: How to make your headlights look brand new - Restore your foggy headlights

Red shiftknob red lettering *Stupid as hell, but good results!* - Red stands out............

DIY How-to-Paint your lip!----Carbon lovers beware!!

DIY JDM black housing headlights *JDM Integra Lights* - Budget JDM look

DIY Ruby Red Tails

DIY: Step-by-step how to paint your valve cover - Heart coloring...

[DIY] Painted Pinstriping Removal. 94 Civic EJ1.

another cf hood saved *mini-how-to on cf restoration* - SAVE YOUR CARBON TODAY!!

DIY: Fix Your Broken Lip... - Resurruction of your lip!

Fixed my CF Lip---DIY

DIY: Type R Valve Cover....Write up...

DIY: Oem radio changen color w/ pix

diy HID retrofit DC2/DB8

DIY Steering Wheel Removal/Aftermarket install

96-98 CTR DIY Headlights....Enjoy....

[FAQ] DIY How-To: Install Civic 92-95 Amber/Red Dash Lighting

DIY accord city lights...ghetto style...

[FAQ] How-To get your 92-95 bumper to fit flush with your fenders!

DIY ctr upper grill

$50 paint job

DIY - Door panel fabric upholstery!

dc2 sidemarkers template HELP!!!

DIY: Krylon Wrinkle Red SOHC Valve Cover

How To: Wire 99-00 OEM Fog Lights /w Parking Lights

NRG Short Hub - Quick Release - Nardi Wheel Installation




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Official EF SEDAN SQUAD Thread

**Official Team Ej6 of HT**

*!*!*The Official EF Squad Thread*!*!*


Official BB (1,4,6) Squad Thread

The Official DC5 Squad of Honda Tech!

The Official EF Discussion Thread


DC Squad list

** The offical 96-00 civic 4dr thread **



Official ** RECARO ** Thread


Official: Post Your Valve Cover (56k warning)

**The Official Volk Wheel Thread**

//////offical steering wheel tread//////

***offical rhd honda thread***

Lets See your K-Series Swaps.. Or Post your favorite K Series pic.


Mugen Thread

****Spoon Thread****


Official Super Advan Thread!

Official: Exhaust video sound clip thread.

Post Your Interior!!! THREAD

POST your Cluster Swaps

-=Official SPRINT HART Wheels thread=-

Post Your Interior!!! THREAD

B Series Cable Transmission / Clutch / Flywheel Info