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Traction Bar for 92-01 Honda Prelude

Traction Bar for 92-01 Honda Prelude

Finally, we got something for the Prelude.  As a former Prelude owner, it seems like everything aftermarket caters to Civics and Integra.  Thank goodness, innovative decided to make something for Honda Prelude which lack aftermarket parts compare to Civics and Integra. 

So why do you need a tracion bar?

The traction bar's primary function is to prevent unwanted movement of the lower control arms under hard acceleration or cornering. By reducing flex and maintaining better alignment of the suspension components, traction bars can enhance the vehicle's stability and responsiveness, making it more predictable and controllable, particularly in high-performance driving scenarios. 

Installing a traction bar is often considered a relatively straightforward modification for enthusiasts looking to optimize their Prelude's handling characteristics. It's particularly beneficial for those who have increased their vehicle's power output or engage in competitive driving where traction and stability are critical.

Get your Innovative Honda Prelude Traction Bar today!  

Fit 1992-2001 Honda Prelude

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