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MOMO Steering Wheel

MOMO Steering Wheels

MOMO steering wheels are designed to provide improved grip and handling, resulting in precise vehicle control. This makes them particularly beneficial for motorsports, where even the slightest movements can significantly impact performance. Known for their premium materials and construction, they are built to withstand the demands of both racing and daily driving. The sleek design adds to the aesthetic of your car's interior and comes in a variety of designs and finishes to suit your personal style. For those seeking a better driving experience with improved ergonomics, superior control, and top-notch design, MOMO Wheels are the ideal choice.

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MOMO Steering Wheels Quality from Italy.

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Mod. 78


History of MOMO

The founder of Momo, Gianpiero Moretti, got a custom steering wheel made for his racing car in 1964. Other drivers noticed it and wanted one for themselves, and even Ferrari Formula One driver John Surtees used it to win the world title that year. This marked the beginning of Momo (short for Moretti Monza) as a manufacturing company.

What kind of Steering Wheel MOMO Offer?


Infused with tuner style, the MOMO Street Steering Wheel are ideal for weekend warrior or someone who looking for a sport level steering wheel that is not too aggressive for normal driving.


Designed with racing in mind, the Racing series are offered in suede or in a unique shape that can help improve hand grip, they are available in smaller diameters, it reduces the distance your hands need to move to turn the wheels, and make the steering feel quicker and more responsive, offer beneficial advantages in racing scenarios.


Infused with vintage charm and unparalleled craftsmanship, this collection seamlessly merges MOMO's rich history with contemporary advancements to deliver a cutting-edge offering for your timeless sports car.

Choose the steering wheel that suit your driving style, see below for the different material, sizes, and finish available.