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The Benefits of Upgrading to Stainless Brake Lines

The Benefits of Upgrading to Stainless Brake Lines

As someone passionate about cars, the term "stainless brake lines" may be familiar to you, but have you considered the benefits of using them compared to the factory ones that may already be in place?

Benefit of Stainless Brake Lines

Stainless Lines are not actually made with full stainless.  However, they have stainless steel braiding on the outside, not only that they are corrosion resistant, they will also improve your braking and give your a firmer pedal feel.  Especially when you are upgrading from factory rubber lines.

Factory Rubber Brake Lines

Factory rubber lines are not reinforced like stainless like, when pressure builds up as you press on the brake pedal, they will expand outward, that expansion translate to sponge pedal feel.

So why Stainless Brake Lines over Rubber Brake Lines?

When pressing on the brake pedal, the piston within the brake master cylinder moves and draws fluid from the reservoir. This compression generates hydraulic pressure in the braking system, causing the piston in the brake caliper to activate the brakes. As pressure increases, factory rubber brake lines expand outward, leading to a spongy pedal feel. However, stainless steel lines are reinforced with metal braiding, reducing outward expansion and resulting in a firmer and more responsive pedal feel during pressure buildup.


Stainless brake lines are essential for racers participating in auto cross, road racing, or drag racing. Even if you have an older vehicle, it's beneficial to upgrade your old and expanded rubber lines to stainless steel for improved responsiveness and performance.  A good time to replace your brake lines is when you have to replace your brake calipers.  

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