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Benefits of 320mm and 350mm Steering Wheels

Benefits of 320mm and 350mm Steering Wheels

MOMO Steering Wheel

There are many choices when it comes to aftermarket steering wheel.  After browsing through all the different style available, you will notice that they also come in different sizes.  The most popular size being 320mm and 350mm. But which one do you choose?

For the semi-daily driven race car, we prefer 350mm, which is approximately 13.78 inches, it is a common choice for many driers as it provides a good balance between control and responsiveness.  It's small enough to provide quick steering inputs, but still large enough to remain comfort for extended period of driving. 

For the mostly race and almost never daily driven, we prefer 320mm, which is approximately 12.60 inches in diameter.  The smaller diameter offer quicker steering inputs, make it ideal for racing and performance driving.  However, it can get annoying for daily driven applications. 

For those who thinks 350mm do not offer enough input, and 320mm gives too much input, MOMO offers 330mm as an in between size fill with the gap between the two. 

Before buying an aftermarket steering wheel, make sure there is a hub that can adapt it to your vehicle.  

For street use, please ensure you comply with your local regulations and safety standards.

For race use, please verify that it meets requirement of your race class.

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