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NGK Iridium IX Spark Plugs (4 plugs set)

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What is NGK Iridium IX ?

Spark Plugs with center electrode made with Iridium alloy, it is one of the hardest material used in spark plug construction. It is a denser metal allow, 6 x more dense compare to platinum. It is one of the hardest materials used in spark plug construction. This hardness helps in resisting electrode erosion and extends the overall life span of the spark plug.

The fine-wire iridium center electrode that requires less voltage to spark. This ensures better and more consistent ignition, leading to improved engine performance. This contributes to more efficient combustion of the air-fuel mixture, resulting in better fuel efficiency.

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    With over 80 years of automotive experience, NGK/Niterra is dedicated to performance and quality. From OEM to aftermarket, they push push the boundaries of innovation to bring the latest technologies to market.

    Niterra partners with various original manufacturers to pioneer the latest advancements. Their commitment to quality and reliability is evident through state-of-the-art facilities spanning the country.

    Popular Applications

    BKR6EIX-11 Stock No. 3764
    A popular application for Honda Acura B-Series Engine, Audi, Lexus and Toyota Applications.

    BKR7EIX-11 Stock No. 6988

    A one step colder than factory plugs, widely used by BKR6EIX-11's user with engine mods.

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